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Shared Office Space

We share a space, but we also share ideas, pleasantries, wifi, and really good coffee. Join us and start taking over the world today.

Desk Rentals

Sometimes you just need a space to call your own. A world where your personal life, and Insta updates don’t stand between you and your next paycheck. We will help you stay focused, and stay motivated.

Office Rentals

Maybe you’ve moved up in the world, and it’s time for an office that has a walls and a door (with a lock) separating you from your haters….we imagine you have a lot by now. Come on in, the future is fine.

Our office spread has 11 dedicated hot desks, ripe for the taking. But don’t think we are trying to fence you in. We want you to feel at home in our office…. correction…… your office. Enjoy the lounge area, or the conference desk (the chairs are crazy comfortable, you’re welcome.) You can also reserve the classroom if you need to, or a private meeting room. (Now we’re just showing off.)

Our office was specifically designed to enhance creativity and increase productivity. Breathe in the Fung Shuey and exhale excellence. We are here to help in any way we can, so stop on by, and let us know what you need.


Once we’ve earned your trust, and you’ve fallen in love with our coffee maker (and smiling faces) you may want to save yourself some money, and make a commitment to your future. Yes, it’s time for a dedicated desk my friend. A place to call your own. A place where no one else is allowed to sit, and your coffee cup will sit lovingly, waiting for you to grace it with your presence……every day.

It’s not just the desk though……being a monthly member comes with some serious perks. Ask us about the Gym membership you get. (Say whaaaaaat?)

Defining our professional relationship is our favorite conversation to have. You won’t find us shying away from the obvious….we are meant to be. 

By now, your business is growing. You’ve hired (or are thinking about hiring an employee or two) and you need your own (lockable) space. You want to meet with clients, put your logo on the door, get a google listing……yep, it’s time to move in.

Ask us about our Affordable Brooklyn Office Rental opportunity. 

About Us

A Modern Shared Office in the Heart of Brooklyn

We are more than a cooperative working space, we are a genius incubator. The best of the best loiter here, and productivity increases in the presence of highly motivated office neighbors. If you want to be successful, you should surround yourself with people who have the characteristics of success. Driven. Motivated. And hell bent on success. 

Hot Desk 

Maybe you need a break from the home office on occasion or a sleek place to do your homework – but let’s face you, you hate long term commitments.

Rent A Desk

You have now realized that renting a desk in our genius incubator was the best thing that ever happened to your professional career. Time to define the relationship. 

Rent An Office

It’s official, we’re in love with you, and you love us. Time to put it on paper and see this through. But we will take it slow, no need to rush. Start with just a month. 


Reserve a Hot Desk


Rent A Desk


Rent An Office

Office Features

Increase Productivity

 Fortune salutes the brave, We are brave, we are fearless. We are here to get work done, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. #bringthecoffee

Establish Yourself

If you want to be successful, it’s time you start investing in you. Give yourself the professional space that you need to do a job, and do it well. #seriouslybringthecoffee

Define Professionalism

Far be it for us to judge, but it looks a lot more professional to bring your clients into our beautiful office than your grandma’s basement. Time for an upgrade. #becauseyouareworthit